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Private Fiber Optic WANs

Stop overpaying for an oversubscribed network. WANRack delivers the sum of all of your Edge sites to the Hub, guaranteed. Want to find out how you’ve been overpaying? Here’s where to look first.


WANRack’s construction team has a proven history of successful completion of large and complex fiber-optic construction projects, on time and on budget. Customer relationships typically include long-term lease agreements (5-20 years) for fiber-optic connectivity between multiple facility locations. Past projects have included as few as 2 facilities to over 275. WANRack manages all phases of the customer relationship, including RFP response, construction management, network reliability, technical assistance, and customer service to facilitate a long-term partnership with the customer. WANRack also has significant experience working with federal E-Rate program guidelines for K-12 school districts.

WANRack is regulated by Public Service Commissions in each of the states we operate and also by the Federal Communication Commission, with periodic reporting requirements and service standards. WANRack is a certified E-Rate service provider.

Key benefits of WANRack’s Private Fiber WAN Services

  • Lit Fiber or Dark Fiber
  • Dedicated fibers to each site
  • Our Private Fiber WAN service is Category One E-Rate eligible and custom designed to meet your specific goals and requirements
  • 24×7 Monitoring and Management
  • E-Rate expertise to assist you in the E-Rate process from 471 filing and beyond
  • No upfront costs to your district unless desired to lower your monthly payment
  • You pay only the portion not covered by E-Rate
  • E-Rate program directly pays WANRack for covered services

Locked In Pricing:

  • With our Private Fiber WAN bandwidth is limitless. WANRack offers a fixed cost for all the bandwidth you will ever need

Truly dedicated fiber:

  • Dedicated home-run fibers from edge sites all the way to the HUB

Control of the Network:

  • WANRack wants you to have control of the network. If you want to reconfigure or increase bandwidth, you can do it on the fly. No need to submit an order or wait for implementation. You also can have full control over routing protocol. This certainly is not an option with the ILEC or Cable company offerings.

Flexible Construction Cycle:

  • Flexibility to build networks regardless of the E-Rate cycle timing

No Endless Contract Renewals:

  • We don’t endlessly renew your contract. Don’t get caught in the 3 or 5 year renewal trap from your existing provider.

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