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Private vs. Public

What would you rather have? Your own Private superhighway all by yourself or a Public congested freeway everyone can use?

Pretty easy choice, right? That’s what we think as well.

Lit or Dark Fiber

There are two ways of leasing fiber, but what are the differences?

WANRack’s Private WAN solutions provide unlimited growth at a fixed cost over the long term.

Tired of overpaying for inferior service from your cable or telephone company? Let us build an E-rate compliant Private Fiber Optic WAN as a leased service. Unlimited bandwidth growth and no endless contract renewals.


Delivering private fiber networks to digital schools across America


Are you tired of hosting the telephone and cable company's equipment and paying for additional space, power, & cooling?

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We build dedicated home-run fibers from each edge site all of the way to the HUB. No detours.

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Our turn-key private fiber WANs are Category 1 funded by E-Rate. With in-house E-Rate expertise to help guide you.

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